20th July 1969, an American astronaut Neil Alden Armstrong becamethe first man to step on the moon.

He was in the middle of the significant moment for one of the most important contributions for not only the United States of America itself to become a world-leading space engineering country but also for the world history of mankind.

Academy Award-winning director Damien Chazelle will present the biological Adventure drama ‘First Man’ as an opening film and it will be the world premiere on the 29th August in Venice.

Festival Artistic Director, Alberto Barbera has declared that he wants to support all types of cinema platform such as Netflix as long as it has artistic value. It is a completely different policy compare to Cannes Film festival. So we will enjoy various types of film and artists during the Venice Film Festival in 2018. What’s more this year we will have various documentary films especially about regarding international current social issues.

Celebrating the 75th of Venice Film Festival one of the three most prestigious international film festivals, we would like to announce the new concept magazine ‘LAMOON’ will be published the very First Edition online with festival updates and issues in Venice.

Our new concept magazine ‘LAMOON’ will connect among Asia and Europe by distinctively approaching cultural and social issues with articles written with diverse points of view and by hearing ideas from specific groups of people who are influencing the current contemporary arts and societies in Asia and in Europe.

We are very looking forward to seeing the First Edition of  ‘LAMOON’.

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